who we are

our philosophy

Clear ideas

People with clear ideas, able to interact in teams and build winning solutions for the reference market, with over 20 years of experience in profiling and lamellas coating machines and in Pur Hot Melt adhesives and technical applications. Regarding the latter, with the aim of enriching and implementing our offer, we have signed a commercial agreement with a company having a rich and consolidated know-how in the adhesive field: Neoflex in Alicante, Spain. Our every action, choice, strategy is aimed at creating a highly innovative product range, always in line with the most advanced technologies available on the market.

Our strength

Our strength lies in the synergies, in the respect of the commitments we make, in the unceasing search for cutting-edge solutions, in the ability to grasp the changing demands of the market and in meeting any expectations.

All this is the reality

All this is the reality thanks to every single person who belongs to the Novisa world,
whether they are part of the team, external collaborators or customers.
Because we strongly believe in team work, where each one is called
to contribute to the improvement and progress of our company from every point of view.
Even human.